Anne Geddes Books

In the last fourteen years Anne has published several books. Her first was titled “Down in the Garden,” which is a collaboration of photographs with the theme ‘Fairytales told through photography.’ This book was published in 1996. It was announced in the New York Times as a best seller, the number 1 gift book in the U.S. and attracted 5 million purchasers in 33 Countries.

In 1998, Anne’s next book was published, titled “Until Now” followed by “Pure” in 2002 and “Miracle” in 2004. All of these books were a tribute to pregnancy and the beauty and innocence of newborn babies. Anne has always held strong emotions with the welfare of children. In 2005, 2007 and 2008 Anne published a series of three books which were a dedication to helping prevent child abuse and neglect. These books were titled “Cherished Thoughts with Love,” “Labour of Love” and “Be Gentle with the Young”

At present, Anne is finalising her new book titled “Beginnings” which is to be released globally on the 10/10/10. Her new book will feature over 140 never before published photographs as well as Anne’s personal favourite prints. It will be yet another tribute to the amazing photography skills of Anne Geddes and the true beauty she portrays.