Anne Geddes Photography Tips for Children 

Every mother wants to have the photography skills of Anne Geddes when it comes to photographing babies and children. Below are 5 top tips from Anne herself that will help you to capture your precious child in a memorable moment.

1. Get them accustomed to the camera.

Make your baby used to the camera. Let them examine and touch it, always have it close by and use it often. If your baby is used to seeing the camera, then they may not even notice when they are being photographed.

 2. Emphasise their small size.

What ever props you use in your photographs should accentuate the small size of your baby. E.g. One of Anne’s most well known pictures display a newborn baby asleep in a hand. This photograph showed just how tiny the baby was.

 3. Keep the background simple.

Try to keep the background free from clutter. Solid, light coloured surroundings keep the focus on the main object. Don’t be too concerned about the background, as it is not the focus of the shot, just zoom in on your baby’s face and snap away.

 4. Change the perspective.

For unique and interesting shots, get down to eye level with the child, it will capture their personality better. The child should be looking directly into the lens to achieve a more intimate view.

 5. Any camera will do.

You can still take beautiful, quality pictures without an expensive, professional camera. Anne Geddes states that you can execute simple and candid photographs with any camera.

 Photographing your child can be fun for you and fun for them. Give it a go, you never know. You might have some of Anne Geddes photography skills hidden inside. You might surprise yourself.