About Anne Geddes

Anne was born in Queensland, Australia, on September 13th 1956. Anne grew up in the country with her four sisters. She used to love reading ‘National Geographic’ and ‘Life’ magazines, as she had a real appreciation for the strength and quality in the photographs.

At age 22 Anne was hired as a secretary at a local television station in Brisbane. In 1983 she married the station’s Program Director, Ken Geddes in Hong Kong. While living in Hong Kong, Anne decided to open a small portraiture business. She photographed her neighbours, friends and children – on location in their homes, gardens or local parks. Anne placed a handwritten note to the noticeboard of her local supermarket and before she knew it the phone was running hot.

By 1986 Anne had given birth to two beautiful little girls. The family moved to Auckland, New Zealand for a job offering for Ken. Anne’s portraiture business was booming. In 1992, Ken left his career of Broadcast Programming and became Anne’s business partner, and the first Anne Gedde’s card collection and Calender was released in New Zealand. It was an instant success. The rest is history. Anne is one of the most recognised child photographers in the world, winning countless awards and acknowledgements for her work with children’s charities. In 1998 Anne created the ‘Geddes Philanthropic Trust.’ This reflected her deeply held belief that we must nurture, protect and love all children. Over the years Anne has printed several books of her photography, and continues to do so. In 2001 Anne released an elegant and timeless collection of infant’s clothing made from pure, organic materials.

At present Anne is awaiting the release of her new book ‘Beginnings’ which will be launched on 10/10/10, it is sure to be a treat.